Yuugayama-enti Garden! A microcosm of Japan

A new Japanese garden has opened in Nara Park.

It is a place of relaxation that is adjacent to accommodation facilities, exchange and eating and drinking facilities.The name of the garden is “Yuugayama-enti Garden”.


A bamboo grove that calms the mind.

A stone pagoda from the Kamakura period stands beside the walking route.


A garden with various styles! The tea room where you can enjoy the tea ceremony is also a highlight

It is a garden where you can immerse yourself in a Japanese atmosphere.

After playing with the deer in Nara Park, why don’t you visit the garden?


The entrance to the garden.

The gate was closed. However, this is a common sight in Nara Park. The gate is closed to prevent deer from entering. You can easily push it open by hand.


Seasonal flowers add color to the garden.

The four seasons of Japan are always with the garden.


The park is open from 9:00 to 22:00. The good news is that admission is free.


There was a lighting facility behind the tea room where you can enjoy the tea ceremony.

As you can see, there are lighting facilities here and there in the garden so that you can enjoy it even at night. I’m sure a fantastic landscape will spread.


Is this a waterfall?

It reproduces the nature of Japan compactly and beautifully.


Banner against the construction of a resort hotel.

You can feel the conflict between the destruction of nature and the attraction of tourists. What should we do to maintain a sustainable society? It is a frame that makes you think about various things.


A restaurant located in the north of the garden.

Yuugayama-enti Garden is a garden with a height difference.

Let’s go around the park, paying attention to your feet. It’s like enjoying a miniature model of Japan’s climate and geography. You will surely find a new Japan.