Slightly tired deer in Nara

I have photographed deer in Nara Park after a long time.

Nara Park, where you can play with wild deer, is always crowded with many tourists.

nara deer

Deer entering the planting area

You can see Himuro jinja Shrine on the other side of the road.

Originally, this planting(bushes) was intended to prevent tourists from frequently crossing the road. According to my point of view, it seems to be a place of rest for deer too.

Play with deer in Nara; YouTube


God can not beat the heat

The summer of the Nara Basin is steamy and hot.

I always think in summer, but I miss the cool sea breeze.

nara deer

Deer resting along the approach to Todaiji Temple

In the hot summer, every deer looks tired.

nara deer

In front of South Big Gate, there is a bicycle parking lot.

This area is always bustling with group tourists who come by a large sightseeing bus.


The middle gate of Todaiji Temple

The entrance to the Great Buddha Hall is being guided.

They miss the shade.

Their breath is gone …As you know, the deer in Nara is said to be God. Please calm down and take a rest.

Five-storied pagoda of Kofukuji Temple

A lot of deer play with tourists in this area.