Scarecrow contest held in the Asuka region

Every autumn, scarecrow contest is held in Asuka village.

Various types of scarecrows are amusing onlookers.  At the same time, red spider lily( higanbana ) will be in full bloom on the roadside. Asuka village gets dyed in autumn.

scarecrow contest

Asuka village, Takatori town, and Kashihara city’s mascot character “Ataka chan” and Kintaro.

The yellow scarecrow in front shows the topography of 3 municipalities.


The rice terraces and red spider lilies are attractions

The red spider lily( higanbana ) will be blooming in the week surrounding the Autumnal Equinox Day.

A fascinating flower will further boost the scarecrow road.

red spider lily

The state of the bud is still a good one.

It is Tachibanadera Temple that looks backwards.


This is a dragonfly’s scarecrow.

It is floating in the air. Birds that are enemies of rice cultivation. Is it surprising that this trick is going to happen?

dragonfly made of bamboo

This is also a dragonfly.

It seems that bamboo is bending.

spider lily

Higan is a Buddhist word and means the world of enlightenment.

It is believed that the spirits of dead people can cross the river from the other world to this world.

Asuka Scarecrow Contest

Japanese nursery rhyme “Kagome Kagome”.

A good old Japanese landscape will revive.

rope barrier

A rope is hanging over the river.

The symbol of a man is hanging and it shows the barrier. It is a prayer that keeps bad things from coming in.

demon's pants

Yellow pants worn by red demons.

There is also a protrusion on the stick of the demon, it is horrible.