Splendid alfonsino! whole fish sashimi

Fresh splendid alfonsino has arrived.

It belongs to the deep sea fish and has a bright red color.

Splendid alfonsino

The whole fish sashimi of splendid alfonsino.

We Japanese call this deep-sea fish “Kinmedai”.

Sprinkle radish, carrots, and cucumbers around the fish to decorate.


Luxury fish with bright colors, Sashimi roasted on the skin

Splendid alfonsino is an expensive fish.

Boiled fish is delicious, but fresh ones are best served with sashimi.

Splendid alfonsino

The lower jaw is sticking out.

Many fish have big eyes because the light does not reach the deep sea.


Flowers that decorate the venue of the dinner party.

This is the whole fish sashimi of the natural flounder.

Both flounder eyes are on the left side, not on the right side.You can see that from this photo.

Japanese food values appearance.

It is also a taste to finish it with a good appearance.