Spotted knifejaw, whole fish sashimi

Spotted knifejaw with black spots.

Popular as a rock-fishing fish, the hard and tight white meat is exquisite.

spotted knifejaw

Stunning speckled pattern!

It is called “Ishigaki-dai” in Japanese because it reminds me of the stone wall of a castle.

Carrots were cut into flower shapes as a stand for wasabi.Furthermore, the cucumber was cut with the image of a polka dot pattern.


Summer fish with sturdy teeth

As you can guess from its English name, the spotted knifejaw has very strong teeth.

Spotted knifejaw seems to chew even the shells of shellfish.

Spotted knifejaw

The cucumber is likened to the ripples of the ocean.

The teeth are on the tip of the mouth where the fish looks up.

Spotted knifejaw

Sturdy teeth !

It protrudes on the extension of the upper and lower chin.

Spotted knifejaw

It’s a very beautiful pattern.

If anything, it’s a little-mouthed fish, but I’m amazed at the sharpness of its teeth.

Spotted knifejaw

The season comes in summer, and the medium-sized ones are delicious.