Bluefin searobin, gurnard ! whole fish sashimi

I bought fresh gurnard.

The inside of the pectoral fin of the gurnard is bluish green, so it is also called bluefin searobin.

bluefin searobin

The whole fish sashimi of a gurnard.

Cucumber is used to express pine needles, and red radish is used to make flowers bloom, putting salmon roe, yellowtail, horse mackerel, etc. in one plate.


The gurnard that crawls on the seabed

The pectoral fin spreads like wings.

The gurnard, which spreads its wings and roams the seabed, is a very interesting fish. Its white and tight body is pale and has a reputation for being very delicious.

bluefin searobin

I inserted a toothpick into the pectoral fin and fix it with a radish. By doing so, reproduce the appearance when living as faithfully as possible.

japanese spiny lobster

Spiny lobster moving around !

This is a high-class ingredient, spiny lobster, delivered alive.

meat roll dish

This is the meat roll dish.

I involved it with turnip leaves and carrots as the core.

bluefin searobin

The season of gurnard is winter.

In French cuisine, it is a popular bouillabaisse ingredient. It has a square head, but the bones will also produce delicious soup stock.