The ice god is enshrined in Himuro jinja Shrine

When summer comes, we would like to eat shaved ice.

Tenri City, Nara Prefecture has a shrine where the ice god is enshrined.

Himuro jinja Shrine

Himuro jinja Shrine

Near the Himuro jinja Shrine, there was an ice storage for transport to the capital, Nara.

Ice was very valuable because there were no refrigerators.

Recently, the number of shaved ice shops is increasing in Nara. If you follow its origin, you will arrive at this place.


A smiling Komainu is a highlight

There is a smiling Komainu at the Himuro Shrine in Fukusumi town, Tenri.

Komainu has a role to protect God, but smiling komainu is very rare and popular as a camera subject. When you visit Himuro Shrine, let’s take a photo!

The torii gate of Himuro jinja Shrine

The torii gate of Himuro jinja Shrine

A rope and four pieces of paper are hanging in the torii. The rope is called “Shimenawa” and the paper is called “Shide”. Both represent the boundaries.

The torii gate of Himuro jinja Shrine

“Shimenawa” and “Shide”

Here is the boundary between God and the world.

Befoe paying a visit to Himuro jinja Shrine, I braced myself up.


It is engraved with “氷室大明神 Himuro Daimyojin” in the stone lantern.

The approach will turn to the right.

smiling komainu

Smiling Komainu

Seeing a Komainu, you will notice that you are also smiling.

This shrine in the mountains was relatively cool and was also suitable for storing ice.