Sumo Jinjya Shrine

Sumo Jinjya Shrine

Sumo Jinja Shrine is very famous for the birthplace of the sumo-wrestling.

This Shrine is along the Yamanobe-no-michi, the oldest path of Japan.

In the Nihon Shoki, it is recorded that during the region of Emperor Suinin, Nomi-no-Sukune and Taima-no-Kehaya met in a trial of strength before the emperor in Makimuku in the land of Katayakeshi.


You can enjoy the Makimuku view


Beautiful camellia were blooming in Sumo Jinja Shrine.
There is a rest spot in front of Sumo Jinja Shrine. You can see Makimuku area from the viewpoint.
Sumo Jinja Shrine is 1.7 km away from Hibara Jinja Shrine.