Lotus of Gangoji Temple

An old town remains on the west side of Sarusawa pond.

In the area called “Naramachi”, there is a world heritage site “Gangoji Temple” in the center.

lotus of Gangoji Temple

lotus of Gangoji Temple

Lotus is a flower that is related to Buddhism.

The lotus that blooms beautifully even in the mud, symbolizes the Buddha’s world.


Innumerable Jizo Statues

Gangoji Temple is well known as a temple of Jizo.

As you walk along the road in the countryside of Japan, you will see Jizo everywhere. Jizo that is said to provide a helping hand to those who have fallen to hell. It is commonly found on mountain trails and is said to have prevented the infestation of the plague.

Jizo of Gangoji Temple

Jizo of Gangoji Temple

Jizo is known as the guardian deity of children in the Japanese culture.

Each thought can be put in each one Jizo.

design of a building

Design of a building that attracts interest

The design of the temple and shrine architecture is great.

lotus flower bud

Lotus flower bud

The flower buds waiting for flowering are full of energy.

Gangoji Temple

Yellow flower blooming in Gangoji Temple

Various flowers were blooming in the temple.

Owl Cafe in the shopping street

Owl Cafe in the shopping street

There is an interesting coffee shop in the shopping street near Kintetsu Nara Station. Some cafes play with cats, some cafes love owls.