Yumedono in Horyuji

Horyuji Yumedono will guide you.

Yumedono is located in the heart of the Horyuji-Toin.

Thre is an enshrined statue, lifesize statue of Prince Shotoku, named ‘Guzekannon’.


The hall is elegant octagonal shaped.

Yumedono derivation of the name, the Buddha appeared in a dream of Prince Shotoku, is rooted from the legend that explained the scriptures.


Strolling through the Yumedono

Horyuji Yumedono

I walked around the Yumedono.

I understand that the octagonal shape.

Octagonal hall in the oldest surviving building.

Horyuji Yumedono

Yumedono attic.

One side of the octagon is about 5m, he says.

The hall was so small I.
“Pearl of the building,” There seems to catch it.

Horyuji Temple

Among the many temples in Nara Prefecture, Horyuji and Todaiji is I’m special.

Nara temple is representative of the popular divide.

Niou Statue

Niou Statue.

Yumedono is to pray for the souls of Prince Shotoku.

Guze Kannon statue in the middle of the hall is a miniature shrine Asuka lacquered Buddha have been preserved since ancient times as a secret one.

Only twice a year in spring and fall, there gokaicho Guze Kannon image.