Ancient tombs around Kurahashi Reservoir

I went to Kurahashi, Sakurai City, Nara Prefecture.

There are more than 70 burial mounds around Kurahashi Tameike Reservoir. When constructing the reservoir, most of the burial mounds were submerged and were in danger of being destroyed.

Kajiyama ancient tomb

Side-hole type stone chamber of Kajiyama tumulus.

It was open on the north side of the plaza where the common people rest. There is a gap in the ceiling of the burial facility, and outside light is leaking. Deciduous leaves are piled up near the entrance, and you can enter inside with a gentle slope.


A space where you can enjoy the feeling of exploration

Kajiyama ancient tomb is a round burial mound in the latter part of the Kofun period.

Anyone can go inside and enjoy a time slip to ancient times.

Kajiyama ancient tomb

The entrance to the side-hole type stone chamber.

The entrance is a little narrow, but you can bend down and go inside. After passing through a place like a tunnel, you will reach the large space where the casket was once placed.

Kajiyama ancient tomb

A large space awaits at the end of the tunnel called “Sendo”.

Be careful not to hit your head.

Kajiyama ancient tomb

A large space with a height of about 2.5m.

It is a burial space called “Genshitsu” and forms the core of the tumulus.

Kajiyama tumulus

Stone materials of various sizes are used.

It is a space that has been skillfully combined and protected for a long time.

Shibagakinomiya Palace Site

Shibagaki no Miya Square.

This area is the site of the 32nd Emperor Sushun’s palace. From here, we will aim for the “Endoyama ancient tomb”.


When I came to the shore of the pond, there was a guide indicating “Dragonfly Pond Square”. It seems to be 110m from here.

Endoyama ancient tomb

The stone chamber of the Endoyama tumulus near the top of the hill.

It is a difficult place to finally reach after climbing a fairly steep slope.

Endoyama tumulus

You can see the beautiful cutting technique.

It’s a little different from the Kajiyama tumulus I mentioned earlier.

Endoyama tumulus Route

Red tape is wrapped around the tree.

It is a mark to avoid getting lost in the mountains. Rely on this tape to move on.

Endoyama tumulus Route

It is a circuit around Tonboike Pond Square.

From here, go a little further and enter the mountain on the left.

Endoyama tumulus Route

This is the point.

There are no directions around, so be sure to remember it. If you go further along this road, you will find Kurahashi Tameike Reservoir.

Endoyama tumulus

Stone materials are piled up in two steps.

I feel the high level of processing technology of ancient people.

Endoyama tumulus

A light that looks like an orb dances.

After enjoying the mysterious space, turn back the way you came. Pay more attention to your feet on the return trip. Please slowly return to the square so as not to slip off.